On hearing the word Thekkady, a panoramic view of magnificent elephants, ceaseless chains of snow cladded hills and lush green plantations intrude our minds. The aroma of spices and visual grace together make the place a paradise for tourists as they can have the closest encounter with the nature. On reaching here you can get enthralling and exciting glances of elephants, lion tailed macaques, tigers, Nilgiri langurs, gaur and a lot more. You will be mesmerised by the impressive odour of spices like cardamom, ginger, clove, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmace and nutmeg.


Nestled captivatingly to the lap of nature from a distance of nearly 260 km from the capital city of Kerala-Trivandrum, the destination is approximately 115 km away from both Cochin international airport and Kottayam railway station. This is an ideal spot that suits all categories of tourists- families, honeymooners, friends and even loneriders. You will surely find tranquillity, creativity and adventure opportunities here. The dense green backdrop with amazingly diversified provisions are sure to create an ever-lasting impact on anyone visiting Thekkady. Inside the Thekkady forests and the Periyar Tiger Reserve are tribal hamlets that hold on to age-old practices. Their presence adds to the charm of Thekkady. A visit to one of the tribal villages will give you a glimpse of lives lived in complete harmony with Nature.


Tourist Attractions

Thekkady avails a wide variety of options and the destination has that perfect blend of every element that is vital to make a tourist spot complete and comprehensive.
Wildlife sanctuary
Opulent in terms of diversity and geographically unique, this is a must visit place for everyone to Thekkady.
View points
Get bird’s eye view of the whole charisma and capture memories to cherish for a life time from strategic viewpoints.
There is lot to visit and experience here at Thekkady. Just reach here and you will find zillion reasons stay and relish.
Ever dreamt of that majestic ride atop the giant mammoths? You can convert your dream into reality here.