Kalari Payat show

The traditional martial art of Kerala is admired all around the world. Get a chance to witness the show where experts exhibit their combating skills. Kalari Payat, beyond a self-defence technique is also a practice to keep your body physically and even mentally vibrant.

Kathakali dance show

In attractive and unique costumes with face painted in multiple colours, you will see stunning performances of artists with inexplicable facial expressions and body movements conveying several hundreds of meanings.

Tribal dance

This is a completely unique and colourful performance where real tribal people perform in their gorgeous customary attires. The background music along with the delighted steps will pave way for a festive feel and aura.


Magic show

You will be left with no choice but to appreciate skilled acts on the dais where you will be seeing the sights that your eyes will find it hard to believe. There is also a musical fountain nearby that you must visit.

Ayurvedic massage

From the hustle bustle of city life, when you reach this tranquil beautiful place, rejuvenate your body, soul and mind by opting for any of the best Ayurveda treatment packages. It will definitely detoxify and refresh you.

Spice garden visit

Kumily is actually the spice city of Kerala and you can get almost all spices from here which include cinnamon, pepper, clove and cardamom etc. Real spice garden visits where farmers cultivate different varieties of spices will be a pleasant activity that you can carry out here. Wide varieties of spices can be seen in its original real forms. The aroma and sights will together be a great experience.


Tea factory visit

Tea lovers will enjoy the visit to tea factories. Here one factory is dedicated to the processing of orthodox tea and the other for CTC tea. The former was set up by the British in Pattumala and the latter is in Vandiperiyar.

Coffee plantation visit

Acres of coffee plantations in front of you and taking a stroll here can be something really soothing for your spirits. Get immersed in the exceptional and inimitable feel you get.

Vegetable farm visit

Have some pleasing sights of vegetables that are cultivated organically. You can know more details about different techniques of farming and this would be something really interesting.


Vineyard visit

Taking a walk along the long rows of Vineyard would be an ignition to your whole spirit. Enjoy some quality time and cherish those beautiful moments forever.

Trekking to Miracle Mountain

This trekking offers you some impressive sights and a feel of pleasurable strolling. The hassle-free routes can be tried even by someone with average adrenaline. You get a 180 degree view of Kumily from here , also Periyar lake and wildlife sanctuary.

Idukki dam

Getting on to the top of Idukki dam and spending some time walking and staring downwards will be a refreshing encounter with the nature. It is the biggest dam of Asia with a height of 555 feet and stand still mid two mountains- 'Kurathimala' (925 meters).and 'Kuravanmala' (839 meters). The underground Power House of this prestigious project house is situated in Moolamattom.


Responsible tourism initiatives

Benefiting the locals of region and furnishing some entirely unique experiences for the tourists, responsible tourism is a noble initiative that showcases the unmatched and inimitable skills of people that will surely amaze you. Some of the notable ones are:

  • Demo of cooking in coconut shell where the shell never catches fire.
  • Pappad making in a traditional way that you will find interesting to witness.
  • Historically important Shanthigiri Asramam with ‘Anandam Women’s Charitable Society’, attached to it. (The society produces coir and other coir related products, serving as an income source for several local women.)
  • Handloom making using great skills and artistic aptitudes
  • Handling the queen bee from the hive without getting bitten.
  • Homemade chocolate making hub from where you can purchase some delicious sweets and candies.
  • Newspaper bag making to promote anti-plastic campaigns