View Point

Sathram view point

It is a forest border off road ride in a jeep that will keep you fascinated for three hours. You will be passing through rich tea plantations with hillocks on one side and forest on the other.

Ottakatala medu view point

A view point from Kumily Mountain that will avail you some awe-inspiring panoramic view of Kumily town. It is something that no nature lover should miss.


Chellarkovil view point

It is at a distance of 15 km from there. At Anakkara when you climb to the cliff of mountain, a panoramic view of Tamil Nadu lies beneath. You can also revel in the arial view of Tamilnadu towns and vegetable farms.

Paandi kuzhi waterfall

Paandi kuzhi waterfall flowing majestically in a silver-tinted light would be an ocular treat for you. Relish the mild breeze pampering you and enjoy to the fullest.

Valiyapara view point

It hold significance by being a part of the responsible tourism initiative of the government. Some interestingly unique skills of locals, especially in cultivation can be experienced. Besides, an impressive view of Tamilnadu can be obtained.


Parunthumpara view point

Also known as eagle’s rock, it is in fact a small village offering a wide plethora of viewpoints. The place has numerous legacies associated with it. Sabarimala pilgrims sight the famous Makara Jyothi from here.

Kalyana thundu dam view

Kalyanathandu is blessed with vast expanses of huge water bodies and the views of snow cladded hills comating with clouds to touch skies. Down the hills a great forest awaits you with rich floar fauna populaces. A glance from atop is simply mesmerising. The fortunate ones will see herds of elephants crossing river.

It is obviously an ideal place to trek as the dark, deep and lovely woods are sure to raise your spirits. Some remnants and leftovers of huts and arches built by forest department can still be seen. Natives testify that the destruction was done by spars between officials. There is a wooden cross in close proximity to the hill and many devotees earlier visited this place on Good Friday. The place which is also called Calvary Mount lies at a distance of 43 Km towards the north of Kumali and from Idukki it is 10 Km towards south.

Anchuruli tunnel view

A huge tunnel thuds down water with loud but pleasant resonance to the Idukki dam and the views are great to watch. Anchurulli is an amazing picnic spot at Katapanna, Idukki and is in fact is an extension of Idukki dam. Here the primary fascinations are a huge circular tunnel having a length of 4 Km and large water areas. The tunnel takes water to Idukki reservoir from Erattayar dam