Wildlife sanctuary

Periyar Tiger Reserve

Big cats moving around... The tiger reserve gives you some spine-chilling but pleasant views of one of the most endangered species on planet. Periyar is one among the 27 reserves in India where tigers are prime attraction. This is kept as a protected but visitor friendly area where you can drop in to spend some quality time. Besides tigers, there is a vast array of flora fauna communities that can excite you.


Bamboo Rafting

This exciting activity is a full day program from 8 am to 5 pm for those who love to get immersed in adrenaline pumping treks. Bamboo rafting is an exciting and the same time a comforting task for nature lovers who want to experience nature from the nearest possible proximity.

From the boat landing, Rafts made of bamboo will take you through some amazing sights and the richest of forest tracts in Periyar Tiger Reserve. Gaurs, elephants, Nilgiri Langur, giant squirrel and many more can be sighted making the rafting a great experience.

You will reach back to boat landing by 5 pm. Maximum 35 tourists can take the full day and half day trip in total and they will be accompanies by 4 guides and one armed guard. Packed lunch as well as tea and snack will be served in the route. To be safe, you should cooperate with the guards or guides accompanying you.


Border Hiking

If you have that extra stamina pushing you to wear the boots and walk long miles to explore nature in its absolute limpidness, border hiking will definitely serve the purpose and for sure, it will please you. Starting from 8 am in the morning, the hiking continues till evening. You will surely be exhausted but the walk will be worth the effort you endure.

The route covers rising and falling landscapes and the altitude ranges between 900 to 1300 meters. You can keep glancing the supercilious cliffs skirting the park watershed and also the massive grasslands below. The sights of elephant, sloth bear and gaur etc. are too common here. Butterflies and birds add to the charm.

A maximum of 10 tourists are allowed for the program and that too in 2 different groups. They will be accompanied by an armed forest guard and two guides. There are enough options for vegetarian refreshments in the route.


Periyar Tiger Trail

It is in fact a great provision of stay facility for the ones visiting Thekkady. You can stay for a night or two within the forest in tents. This will be a unique experience and you should definitely go for it.

Nature Walk

There are three starting times for nature walk- morning, noon and evening. Each trekking session will be for 3 hours. Boat landing is the starting point. As the name suggests, if you want to experience nature to its fullest, this would be an ideal choice for you.


Green Walk

There are three shifts for green walk and bamboo grovees is the starting point for the expedition. You will be delving deep into the actual authentic feel of Thekkady as excitements and new occurrences will pave your way ahead. This is a guided tour and you should abide by the instructions intimated to you.

Pug Mark Trail

This is a one hour walk that will be concisely, if not in detail displaying to you the soul of Thekkady. The self-guided tour is safe and you can feel free to pursue it without any sort of worries.


If boating is an activity that pleases you, this is something that you must try. Search through for the gazes of unknown creatures from both the sides and ponder over nature’s own resonances and hums that are mysterious but pleasant and interesting.


Interpretation Centre

Your visit to interpretation centre will surely be a worthy one if you are interested to know in detail about the wild life and other facts and factors relevant to the same. This is a wild life exhibition hall where you will be furnished with some valuable information. Elephant skeleton is the main attraction here.

Gavi Trip

Starting at morning 5:30 am, you will be escorted to Gavi in a jeep through forest where some scintillating views of nature can be revelled in. After 40 km drive, you will be reaching Gavi. Have your breakfast and proceed for a 3 hour trekking. Then after the trekking is done, take some breathe, relax and it will be the time for lunch. Post that, you may do some pedal boating in the dam lake there. Now forest department has started bus services which can also be relied upon.

Gavi 3 hrs trip

Get ready for an exciting bus trip that starts from Vallakadavu check Post. There are 3 trips in a day and these take you through the majestic Periyar Tiger Reserve towards Gavi and brings you back. Catch interesting glimpses of different creatures and even beasts all through the trip.


Jungle Scout

Opulent in terms of diversity and geographically unique, this is a must visit place for everyone to Thekkady. Here there is an interesting trekking activity involved. You can participate in a night patrolling program in suburbs of the eco development zone. Armed guards will be accompanying you and the timings for trekking are 7pm, 10pm and1am. For the trekking, to start there should be minimum 2 people and a maximum of 6 people can be accommodated. You should be fit and must be disciplined to follow the instructions from guards.