Misty Mountain Plantation Resort

The once summer palace to the Regent Queen of Travancore, Misty Mountains at Peermade, spread across 600 acres, is a land of immense and diverse landscape. Be witness to spectacular views, rugged mountains, vast plains, subtropical forests and the clouds rolling in, all day long. Much of these landscapes are protected by estates with hundreds of kilometers of walks and trails. A unique flora and fauna has evolved, leaving a land full of interesting plants and creatures in 3 varied ecosystems. Natural spectacles and unique wildlife encounters are two of the biggest draw-cards. There are few places in the world where, within the space of one day, you can experience mountain vistas, ancient forests, and plantations – all whilst spotting varied wildlife from 3500ft to 2500ft. Come anytime of the year and you’d experience something different – each time. And yes, we are nature specific.